Stand Apart From The Crowd

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climb to the summit with SEO

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get social with your circle

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What We Do

We develop comprehensive internet marketing campaigns using white-hat SEO, SMO and content management strategies, providing solid, long-term results in top page rankings, traffic & conversion.
~This is the Art of SEO~
Pizza Content Writing Tab

Content Writing

Content in your website is like flavor in your pizza. It takes good ingredients in the perfect quantity to make it just right.

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Indy 500 SEO Tab

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing a website for search engines is a lot like tuning a race car. Both are done to get you in front of everyone else.

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David Website Design

Website Design

Eye candy at first glance, their attention is captured. Then your guests look deeper, realizing beauty is not only skin deep.

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Penny Pay Per Click Advertising Tab

Pay Per Click Advertising

There are times when pay-per-click advertising can be advantageous. Other times it’s just paying per click.

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Einstein Web Analytics Tab

Web Analytics

Gather data, measure the results, adjust your model, repeat. It’s almost as simple as shampooing your hair… ask Albert.

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Girls on the phone

Social Media Optimization

We think being social is a good thing. Connecting with your customers is a great thing.

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Our Motley Crew

Philosophers, poets, drunks and hooligans, every last one. The names of which mere whispers, their voices shall be heard the world over.
Brett Web Design

Brett Shreffler

Brett is lead web designer and SEO nerd.  You could say “if he builds it, they will come”.  He ties it all together and places it up top for the world to see.

Taylor Dawn B&W Web Content Writer

Taylor Dawn

Taylor is our content writer and social media expert.  You could say she is a social butterfly that has a way with words.  She puts the words to work on your website and your business smack-dab in the center of your customer’s social circles

Keren Research and Analytics

Keren Metz

Keren is our researcher and analytics ninja.  You could say she is the seeker of lost treasures .  She’s a little shy and doesn’t like to be seen, but she discovers the gems in the data that gets your business seen.

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