Content Writing

Content is King!

-William Henry Gates III, Founder of Microsoft


The on-page content of a website, blog or social media page is important in many aspects. The content must capture the visitor’s attention and provide information about products or services while incorporating words and phrasing in such a way that search engines see the content as authoritative, informational and timely.

This is no small feat! Writing content with the consideration that a set of algorithms will place a numeric value to your writing adds a bit of a twist to the endeavor. I mean, how do you write to best please the reader and a math equation?

Off-page content is just as important as on-page content.  Although it is not seen by the reader, it is analysed by search engines.  The content must be written, formatted and placed were search engines will best crawl and digest it.

We understand the percentages, frequencies, formatting and other nuances for creating both the on-page and off-page content making it rise to the top in search results. We can take existing content and tweak or produce the entire content set in a way both reader and search engine will devour it.

So, what can we write for you?  702-463-5060 or send us a question

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