get social with your circle

Social media is quickly becoming the go-to customer service portal for business.

The social network is the paradigm of the modern service application.

– Larry Ellison, Founder of Oracle


Mr. Ellison is right, the social network is where businesses must now exist to be competitive.   Every business model must contain a plan of how it will leverage social media to gain both the best employee talent and engage with it’s customer base.  From the HR department to the customer service department, social media should be considered as a major contributor of analytics for any business decision.

Everything from pre-employment assessment to trends in consumer spending, the analytics alone that can be derived from social media will helps businesses make key decisions from a more proactive and informed position.

People use social media to discuss virtually everything.  Businesses use social media to drive products and services to customers.  Then engage with them to gather and exchange information about the products and service in an almost instantaneous line of communication and feedback.  What better way to address the wants, likes, dislikes and trends of your customer base?

ArtfulSEO designs and manages social media pages and builds social media campaigns.  We gather data, perform analytics and generate reports that help you make solid business decisions.  We track such statistics as engagement, sharing, email sign ups, consumption, lead-generation and sales.

So, how can we help you to socialize with your circle? 702-463-5060 or send us a question

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