“Have you ever tried to maneuver around the world of web sites and social media for your business? It’s time consuming, confusing and ever changing. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, Google changes something!

It used to drive me crazy and knock huge holes in my budget trying to find help. 

Not anymore. I found my new super hero. ArtfulSEO.  I had paid a hefty price to another company for a web site and it was failing at it’s job. The experts at ArtfulSEO took over that site and within 3 months had it on page one for key searches. I’m getting phone calls from business owners in faraway places that found me on the web. All thanks to ArtfulSEO. They do what they say they will and don’t put you in the poor house doing it.”

– TheOfficeSquad (theofficesquad.com)


“My business website was recently created and launched by Artful SEO and I could not be happier. They took my random, non-tech savvy descriptions of what I wanted and turned it into a beautiful representation of the business. I also found it helpful to receive pro and con feedback on some of my suggestions. They had my best interest in mind, knowing how the layout and wording would effect my SEO. Hands down five star service!”

– Virtual Partners (yourvirtualpartners.com)


“Thanks for the fast turn around. Such a beautiful and fun site.  You guys nailed it.  Can’t wait to see how it looks up on top of Google.”

– Sparkle Mobile Car Wash (sparklemobilecarwash.com)


“Not only did Brett and his team produce a great website for our restaurant / bar, he has pushed it to the top of Google in a highly competitive category.”

– Aces & Ales (acesandales.com)


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